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Mild stimulation for in vitro fertilization by Nargund G, Datta AK, Fauser BCJM.
Changes in practice make analysis of historical databases irrelevant for comparison between Natural and Stimulated IVF by Geeta Nargund and Stuart Campbell
Add-ons in IVF programme – Hype or Hope? by Datta AK, Campbell S, Deval B, Nargund G.
Scientific evidence shows the need for a fresh approach to IVF by Nargund G.
Why Fertility Education is needed in schools by Nargund G.
Mild approaches in assisted reproduction–better for the future? by Frydman R, Nargund G.
A successful pregnancy following ‘double rescue’ egg retrieval in a woman with Natural cycle IVF by Nargund G, Chian RC, Campbell S.
Helping Women with their Fertility should be part of the Agenda for Gender Equality by Nargund G.
The (t)WE lab Simplified IVF Procedure: First Births after freezing/thawing by Ombelet W, Van Blerkom J, Klerkx E, Janssen M, Dhont N, Mestdagh G, Nargund G, Campo R.
First births with a simplified culture system for clinical IVF and embryo transfer by Van Blerkom J, Ombelet W, Klerkx E, Janssen M, Dhont N, Nargund G, Campo R.
Editorial by Nargund G.
ESHRE consensus on the definition of ‘poor response’ to ovarian stimulation for in vitro fertilization by the Bologna criteria: Ferraretti AP, La Marca A, Fauser BC, Tarlatzis B, Nargund G, Gianaroli L; ESHRE working group on Poor Ovarian Response Definition.
In vitro maturation of human immature oocytes for fertility preservation By Ri-Cheng Chian, Ph.D.,a,b Peter S. Uzelac, M.D.,c and Geeta Nargund, M.D.d
ISMAAR-editorial Leading the global agenda for a more physiological, patient-centred, accessible and safer approaches in ART By Geeta Nargund & R. C. Chian. Published online: 21 February 2013 # Springer Science+Business Media New York 2013
Single embryo transfer: the role of natural cycle/minimal stimulation IVF in the future By Dr Karl-Gösta Nygren
Low-dose HCG is useful in preventing OHSS in high-risk women without adversely affecting the outcome of IVF cycles By Dr Geeta Nargund
Embryo transfer and luteal support in natural cycles By Dr Veljko Vlaisavljevic
Towards a more physiological approach to IVF by Nargund and Frydman
Is ovarian stimulation detrimental to the endometrium? by JA Martinez-Conejero et al
The ISMAAR proposal on terminology for ovarian stimulation for IVF by G. Nargund6,1, B.C.J.M. Fauser2, N.S. Macklon2, W. Ombelet3, K. Nygren4, and R. Frydman5, for the Rotterdam ISMAAR Consensus Group on Terminology for Ovarian Stimulation for IVF
The problem of IVF cost in developing countries: has natural cycle IVF a place? by AY Shahin.
Long-term effects of ovulation-stimulating drugs on cancer risk by LAS Brinton
IVF, IVM, natural cycle IVF, minimal stimulation IVF – time for a rethink by RG Edwards
Age, oestradiol and blastocysts can predict success in natural cycle IVF–embryo transfer by T Tomazevic et al
Minimal ovarian stimulation with clomiphene citrate: a large-scale retrospective study by S Teramoto & O Kato
Ultrasound and the receptivity of the endometrium by Stephen Killick
Ethics, social, legal, counselling. Affordable IVF for developing countries by Dr Willem Ombelet
Natural/mild assisted reproduction technologies: reducing cost and increasing safety by Nargund
Mild ovarian stimulation for IVF by M.F.G. Verberg1, N.S. Macklon1, G. Nargund, R. Frydman, P. Devroey, F.J. Broekmans and B.C.J.M. Fauser
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Declining birth rate in Developed Countries: A radical policy re-think is required by Geeta Nargund
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